Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Students Sent Down to Countryside

"You must learn from them."

In Chongqing Municipality, the 1970s program of sending students "down to the countryside" is being revived. The "climb the mountain, go down to the countryside" program sends university students to "learn the actual situation at the grassroots."

According to the Chongqing Evening News, the purpose of the program is to improve the general quality and practical capabilities of students. "Practical training is necessary for students." The cartoon above shows a teacher urging the apprehensive student to learn well from the peasant, worker and soldier.

A clip from the local news shows students being mobilized to go down the countryside to plant trees, learn from peasants, workers and soldiers, do social surveys and other activities for no less than four months. The clip also displays footage from the 1970s "Great Cultural Revolution" period when "young intellectuals" were sent down to the countryside.

Another article explains that practical learning is necessary for students only concerned about scoring well on exams. Then the article notes that building up the countryside has been a focal point of government policy in recent years. The number of university graduates has increased a lot and this talent should be employed everywhere. By learning the actual situation in the countryside, students can get a different perspective. Future officials--today's university students--will gain an appreciation for the needs of peasants and the countryside.

Getting practical education

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