Monday, June 7, 2010

Namibia over Brazil

Fisheries officials from Brazil and Namibia each visited China this week, a reminder that China is eager to strengthen relations with Africa and Latin America. Which country rates the bigger welcome?

The Namibians meet the Vice Minister in the plush MOA meeting room.

The head of Namibia's fisheries and ocean resources department visited China's Ministry of Agriculture on June 7, and vice-minister Niu Dun met with him. In the meeting, Vice-Minister Niu expressed an eagerness to form long-term cooperative relations with Namibia. Niu recommended that as soon as possible the two countries sign a memorandum of understanding that would set up a framework for cooperation in fisheries, with lots of funding and also as soon as possible sign an agreement on animal health and disease that would facilitate trade. The two sides should continue exchange of personnel for training and promote investment in fisheries enterprises.

The Brazilians at the fisheries research institute.

The head of Brazil's fisheries department visited Beijing on June 3. He, his delegation and personnel from the embassy only rated a visit to the fisheries research institute and its director. Apparently, the Brazilians have an ongoing relationship with the institute.

The warm welcome extended to the Namibian official reflects China's eagerness to build ties with Africa. Fishing is one of the industries targeted by China's "going out" as a channel for foreign investment.

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