Monday, March 30, 2020

Canadian pork expedited to Wuhan

Canadian pork will reach Wuhan consumers in record time as customs and port authorities concentrated their efforts to expedite the shipment.

According to Chinese State T.V., six refrigerated containers of chilled pork purchased by China's State-owned COFCO Group reached Shanghai's Yangshan port on March 28 (Chinese video here). State-owned shipping company COSCO's general manager said their "direct service" shortened the time from factory to consumer. The meat's journey from Canada's Vancouver port to Shanghai took 14 days.
Shanghai port inspectors check Canadian pork against electronic documents.

The port prioritized unloading, documents were transmitted directly to customs officials, and a special inspection area was set aside to achieve a "zero waiting time" process. The containers were on their way to Wuhan 24 hours after arriving at the Shanghai port.

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