Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emergency Grain Measures in East Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang Province's Grain Bureau is taking emergency measures to help farmers in several counties whose grain has been by this year's wet weather. In eastern Heilongjiang Province, farmers are having four difficulties with this year's rice crop: difficulty harvesting, transporting, drying and storing it.

On October 25, the Heilongjiang Province Grain Bureau, the provincial branch of Sinograin (the government's grain reserve corporation), and the Agricultural Development Bank of China (the farm policy bank) announced a program to help farmers who are having a hard time selling their rice in the "Three Rivers" region of predominantly state farms that includes Fujin, Tongjiang, and Fuyuan Cities/Counties.  The regions are referred to as having been affected by unspecified "disaster" (typhoons?).

Township Governments or farmer cooperatives can sign contracts with state-owned grain trading enterprises to purchase, dry and temporarily store grain from this year's harvest. The operations will be funded with loans from the Agricultural Development Bank. The grain depots will hold the grain until official government grain procurement begins later in the season. At that time, the two parties can agree to sell the grain to government reserves at the official price or the farmers can take their grain back after paying the depot's cost of processing and holding the grain and sell it elsehwere.

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