Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Destroying Pig Farms to Save the Industry

Since 2013, officials have been demolishing pig farms all over the country. An article asks, "Pig Farm Demolition: Industry's Rebirth or Destruction?"

The demolitions are motivated by concerns about poor environmental controls and the prevalence of "problem pork" which has consumers "trembling with fear" over food safety. The embarrassment of the dead pigs floating in Shanghai's Huangpu River in March 2013 spurred the demolition campaign.

The government had been encouraging pig-farming in recent years. There are many new large-scale farms, yet many small, scattered, dirty farms are popping up, especially in rural areas.

Farmers complain that they will have nothing to do after their farm is demolished. But the article suggests that the demolitions may help save the industry by removing polluters to upgrade quality and confidence in the industry. 

China seems to have started to turn the corner from its growth at all costs strategy.

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