Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fake Seed Crackdown

Chinese agriculture departments and police are in the midst of a campaign to crack down on seed crooks: violators of intellectual property and those who manufacture or sell counterfeit or poor quality seed. The Ministry of Agriculture featured a rally held in a square in Wuwei City, Gansu Province. They announced that 30 metric tons of fake and poor quality corn seed was destroyed.

This campaign was launched after the State Council announced a broader crackdown on intellectual property right violators and sellers of fake and poor quality goods.

According to the article, fake seeds "flood the market", having serious effects on farmers' profits, causing confusion in the market, and seriously affecting the reputation of the communist party and the government.

Since the campaign started, they have mobilized thousands of personnel to perform thousands of investigations and crackdowns. Forty producers of fake seeds have been shut down, 925,000 kg of fake seeds have been seized, 42 cases are being prosecuted, and 8 people have been arrested. There have been similar numbers of cases involving violations of intellectual property rights.

It's a good thing they're finally solving the problem of fake seeds, right? Well, there was news about an almost identical crackdown on fake seeds a year ago but the problem apparently didn't go away.

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