Saturday, January 9, 2021

Province Appeals for Milk and Chick Deliveries During Covid Lockdown

China's Hebei Province issued an emergency order this week to prevent disruption of fresh milk and chick deliveries during the region's covid-19 lockdown this month. 

Hebei's capital city Shijiazhuang has been locked down, and authorities have limited transportation all over the province after 39 new cases prompted testing that turned up another 354 cases.

The emergency notice from Hebei's agriculture department dated January 6, 2021 advised farmers that fresh milk needs to be delivered to processors within 24 hours and chicks must be delivered to farms promptly to ensure their survival. According to the circular, deliveries of fresh milk and chicks have been disrupted by strict controls, disinfection measures, temperature-taking for drivers, and closure of roads to delivery trucks in some areas--including Shijiazhuang. The circular warns that failure to deliver could result in dumping of milk, death of birds, major financial losses to farms, and pollution. 

In another move to prevent disruptions during the lockdown, A China Central TV reporter said that 70 supermarkets from four retail chains in Hebei have promised not to raise vegetable prices this month. The supermarkets promised to sell stored cabbage, onions, and potatoes at low prices from January 8 through the end of he month.  

90 egg farmers in Hebei's Wangjiayuan village sent out an appeal for
feed deliveries during the February 2020 covid-19 lockdown.

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