Monday, July 31, 2017

Good News Only Until the 19th Party Congress. That's an Order!

A meeting exhorting agricultural cadres to toe the line and "sing the main theme" last week shows that Communist Party Secretary Xi Jinping is taking no chances ahead of the 19th Party Congress where he is expected to consolidate his power as China's maximum leader.

A July 28 communist organization theory meeting was held by Minister of Agriculture and Party Secretary Han Changfu to "study the spirit of Xi Jinping's important speech facing the Communist Party's 19th Congress." Ministry of Agriculture party leaders were warned of the great importance of a "victorious" 19th Party Congress, and urged to implement all decisions of the central leadership with full strength, keeping the agricultural and rural situation good as the Congress approaches.

Communist party cadres were ordered to highlight the "great achievements" and "historic reforms" made in agricultural development and rural income growth under the "core leadership" of Comrade Xi Jinping since the 18th Communist Party Congress to ensure a successful 19th Congress this fall. Communist party officials were exhorted to strictly exercise "news discipline" and political consciousness, "singing the main theme" and "carrying forward energy" to publicize the great achievements and positive environment for agriculture and rural development.

What are the "great achievements" and reforms?

Cadres were told to emphasize the great improvements in communist party "work style," advancement of "clean government," and anticorruption work under Xi's leadership. Workers must "strengthen inspections" and "eliminate hidden dangers" to preserve rural harmony and stability.

Each agricultural office and unit must circle tightly around agricultural supply side structural reform as the main line, place "green" agricultural  development in a more prominent position, tackle difficulties, blaze new trails, highlight agricultural science and technology innovation, and promote precise industry-driven poverty alleviation. Agricultural leaders must actively work for abundant agricultural harvests and income growth. During the typhoon season they must work hard on disaster prevention and mitigation.

Don't expect any bad news from China over the next few months.

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