Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grain De-stocking Meeting Chaired by Governor

A meeting on de-stocking Heilongjiang Province's record-high grain inventory was chaired by Governor Lu Hao on July 29. The governor stressed that the welfare of the province's farmers and stability in rural areas depends on success in purchasing this fall's grain crop.

With Heilongjiang's grain inventory at a record high, it is urgent to make room to procure the new grain harvest coming up in a few months. Officials worry that dissatisfaction will spread if farmers are unable to sell their grain.

The meeting had four main recommendations.
  • Make great efforts to construct integrated grain processing and storage projects to absorb grain.
  • Push forward policies to develop dairy, beef, hog, and poultry production in Heilongjiang to boost the demand for feed grain.
  • Take advantage of the upcoming annual meeting where leaders from various provinces negotiate on grain purchases and sales to move as much grain as possible to other provinces.
  • Lobby central government departments by suggesting ways to de-stock Heilongjiang's grain inventory.

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