Monday, March 21, 2016

Corn Processor Subsidy in Jilin Province

China's Jilin Province has announced a subsidy of 150 yuan (about $23) per metric ton for corn used by industrial processing enterprises. Recipients must use corn procured from Jilin Province for their own use between January and June 2016.

The March 17, 2016 document was issued by the provincial finance department, provincial grain bureau and Jilin's information and industry department. Many grain industry web sites posted an article on the document, but not the Jilin grain bureau that issued it. The article includes an image of the document, but there don't seem to be any electronic versions of the document.

The Jilin subsidy was announced nearly two months after a document issued by several central government departments encouraged local authorities, companies and banks to take measures to dispose of excessive grain stockpiles. The announcement comes in mid-March with just over three months left in the six-month window for collecting the subsidy.

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