Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please Build Some Moral Culture

On April 14, Premier Wen Jiabao gave a speech at Zhongnanhai in Beijing to a group of newly-appointed officials of the Central Institute for Cultural Research.

In his speech Wen exhorted his listeners to "research" the building of "moral culture" during China's period of rapid social change. On one hand he asserts China has made great progress in this, but then he cites terrible food safety incidents in recent years like “toxic milk powder,” “lean meat powders,” “gutter oil,” “dyed mantou” that "show a lack of integrity" and that "the moral decline has already reached a seriously low point." Wen warns that a country that is not able to increase its moral strength cannot become a really strong country, a country that is respected. Wen said the party central committee and the state council pay much attention to building culture.

Wen said building moral culture in the whole society creates an atmosphere of public opinion with integrity, responsibility and good conscience. This is necessary for preserving normal production and social order. Wen said he hopes the institute can make progress in this area.

China can build factories, stadiums, railroads, etc., so why not build some morality too?

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