Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dairy supervision training and industry recovery

The Ministry of Agriculture held a training session for over 100 personnel engaged in dairy quality and safety monitoring. The article describes recovery in the industry.

By October, the inventory of dairy cattle had risen 7 months in a row and reached 12.71 million head. Fresh milk output was 2.77 million metric tons, up 6.68%.

Since last year 6,377 milk purchase stations have closed or been shut down. There are now 14,016 nationwide. Now there are 11,412 mechanized milking stations, 81.4% of the total, up 31.4 percentage points from last year.

In 11 provinces, including Beijing, Henan and Jiangsu, accreditation of milk purchasing has been completed. The Ministry of Agriculture organized 13,129 checks of fresh milk and none had melamine over the specified limits, leather hydrolyzed protein, starch, alkalinity.

Since the end of 2008, each level of veterinary stations have cracked down on adulterative substances. Around milk purchase stations and trucks, the two key points, deep launch fresh milk standardized management, fully strengthened fresh milk quality and safety management. They are increasing training and publicity. Based on routine inspections and supervision 1380 cases have been investigated and 9 sent to judicial departments; 2 people were arrested.

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